"One-of-a-Kind" Plaster Face Mask


“Plaster Mask was a treatment done in SPA for a skin care.
This hardening facial mask turns from a powder mask into a plaster,
which then lifts off entirely in one piece.”


Simple application of  Plaster Mask   (SPA at home)
Plaster Mask provides a similar treatment you receive at the spa for skin care. The mask provides plenty of moisture and nutrients to the skin, and hardens over the face which helps to boost circulation and lymphaticfunction. It also tightens the jaw for a minimizing face effect and cares for the pores on your skin. ‘Mira Clinic Plaster Mask’ is known for its simple application, tightened chin, and glowing anti-aging skin. The popularity of this recent beauty product can be seen in the rate of sales when it was completely sold out after it was first launched.

Effects of anti-aging skin
This Plaster Mask’ is a two-step mask containing separate ampoules. The ampoules contain 18 bottles with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, collagen and over 24 other ingredients, which give moisture and lifting effects to the skin. One of these ingredients is the Egyptian myrrh used by Cleopatra; it is said to bring back the skin vitality and prevent wrinkles.  Next, the contouring plaster face mask is put over the ‘ampoule dressed’ skin to help it absorb the ampoule. Then the mask hardens over the face and boosts circulation and lymphatic function, tightens the face and chin area, and cares for pores.   “Putting another paper thin plaster mask on top of my normal sheet mask lets a pleasant uprising heat to come up from my face and harden with the plaster. This mask enables me to have a similar spa treatment right at home without visiting the center. The second step is to apply the contouring plaster face mask, which provides great ampoule and nutrition to my skin. And of course, this improves my skin significantly the next day, becoming more elastic and moisturized.”

Made in South Korea


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