Meso Change Program (coming soon)


Meso Change Program Neo-tingle Patch Roller Program Home Care For Anti-Aging.  Highly concentrated special ampoule without even a drop of water!  The core ingredients of dermis - collagen, hyaluronic acid, and four types of ceramides-penMAKEUPetrates deep within the skin to visibly firm, nourish, and strengths skin barrier.

What is it?

The Meso Change Program or NTS (Neo-tingle patch roller program for Turnover and Skin rejuvenation), according to Maxclinic, is a "DIY home care program that allows highly enriched collagen to permeate your skin. Achieve bright, clear, resilient, and tight skin." It has two parts – the Deep & Deeper Meso Change Ampoule and the Hyaluronic Meso Change Roller.

1 x roller handle
4 x roller
4 x ampoule


Apply appropriate amount (8~20drops) to clean face (cleansed and toned skin) and gently spread over skin.  Optimal results are achieved when the ampoule is followed by Hyaluronic Meso Change Roller.  Dosage & Administration / Take an adequate amount of this product.


First place the handle on the roller, then remove the protective cap.  Gently roll across the entire face for absorption.  For optimal results, start rolling from areas with deep wrinkles (neck, smile lines, forehead).  Use for 3~5 minutes until the hyaluronic acid melts into the skin and then the roller becomes blunt.

 Made In Korea


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