2in1 Foaming Massage Brush (coming soon)


Whipped cream-like foam like a soft cloud, cleans wastes of skin, and also helps in lifting up with fitness v pad on the back of the brush when washing face!!  

Built with 7 types of Embo holes as soft as clouds which helps take away skin wastes, Make-up residue, Blackheads, Dead skin cells, Pore wastes, Sebum care,Uneven skin texture.

Brush has a formation of ample whipped-cream like foam with 7 round embo balls.   Combination of cleansing and massage pad. Brush is hygienic for you can store it standing up! No more inconvenient drying method that easily caused contamination when brush is dried improperly! 

Works great on 2in1 Foam Cleanser!

Made In Korea

Collections: BEAUTY, TOOLS

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