2in1 Clearing Embo Massage Brush (coming soon)


Cleanse skin with rich and creamy foams with the soft embo holes!  
Works great on 2in1 Foam Cleanser!  
Whipped cream-like foam like a soft cloud, cleans wastes of skin when washing face!!
  • Washing, Improved circulation, Dead skin cells & blackheads, Skin surface, Pores & sebum.
  • Even gentler fine bristles clean curved areas of your skin and your skin texture! 7 soft embo holes provide effective deep cleansing of skin waste and dead skin cells!
  • sense of grip in one hand portable, with a sense of grip that makes it easy to manage. This luxurious wooden brush provides cleansing home care like that of a spa master.

Made in Korea

Collections: BEAUTY, TOOLS

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